Lucid Dreaming: REM

Want to know something incredibly interesting? Lucid Dreaming. ¨ Lucid Dreaming is something that I've been studying intensively for the passed few months. It's insanely absorbing once you get started. Lucid Dreaming are dreams so vivid that you might question what's real or not. I've had plenty of experience when I wake up confused over if what circles my mind was a recent dream I just had or if it's a distant memory. Daunting, huh? Lucid Dreaming however occurs during the REM sleep approximately 90 minutes after falling asleep. REM, Rapid Eye Movement. I've been searching for some photographical explanation of what really happens during this stage of sleep but with no essential answers I decided to make one of my own. Please note that this might not be scientistic correct, it's only what I imagine it to look like

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